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Squarespace to Magento Migration

Are you currently running a Squarespace store and considering switching to Magento?

At Mage Shield, we are always committed to provide the best in class Squarespace to Magento migration services.

Our migration process takes care completely of your business operations along with information security.

Please message us so we can discuss your store in detail.


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Why Choose Us

We are a recognized Squarespace to Magento migration service providers and can securely move all your data from Squarespace to Magento servers. Our migration process is a comprehensive process that includes transferring all your shopping cart data, products, categories, clients, images, videos, databases, plugins and everything into Squarespace.

A powerful team of dedicated and veteran professionals with unmatched domain expertise.

24×7 support through emails, chat, video conferencing, and over a call.

SEO juice is retained including URLs, meta tags, meta titles, page titles, etc.

Real-time support, quick installation, and best after-sales services that ensure your online store delivery of best Customer Experience.

Well researched and thoroughly tested API Integrations to suit your specific business requirements.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

Alok Gupta
WRI India

"It’s been a wonderful experience working. The key fact that appealed to me was the collaborative approach of the team. I would strongly recommend this company as one of the leading IT Company in the space."

Parijat Garg
Program Director, CFA Institute

"Their services are remarkable, extraordinary team of professionals who leave no stone unturned to make customers happy! They have redesigned CFA Society India website and helped us connect investment professionals globally."

Joe Willia
Remedy Liqour

"This company is one of the best in the business and they back this up with their quick and friendly support. The team is relentless to listen to our issues and come up with a solution. Have seen the team stretch beyong their knowledge to help us."

Reasons to Choose Magento for Your Store

Of late, there has been an increase in the number of store owners who have reached out to us with the intent of switching to Magento. When we decided to intervene and check for insights on what has been causing this shift to Magento, we found:

Better online store security.

Higher performance and speed to boost eCommerce business.

A focus on user experience (UX) and admin panel enhancement.

A great number of extensions enable customization.

Wide range of e-commerce functionalities for all size eCommerce businesses.


Top-of-the-line Magento migration services

We will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on more important things (like taking your business to the next level after we launch your new site).


Product Titles, Images, Description, Custom Fields, Inventory, Pricing, Tax, Etc

Product Attributes

Includes all conceivable attribute types such as size, unit of measurement, dimensions, etc.

Product Variants

Includes core products as well as sub-categories

Custom Fields

Sometimes the usual just doesn’t fit your unique products

Downloadable Products

Includes all known, popular file formats

Pricing/Inventory Rules

No need to forego automation in price rules when you migrate

Other Images

Images in whatever format and style


Reviews are difficult to gather the first time, why do it again?


Retain old order records and any open orders as well

Strip Html Styling

No excess baggage with Html script brought over

SEO Settings

SEO settings will remain the same after the migration process

Content Pages

Pages and all relevant content


Tax history as well as calculations

Coupon Codes

Active discount and coupon codes

Item category Images

For easy identification of each item category


Entire customer database along with associated data

Customer Groups

Personalized groups and clusters of your customers


Entire manufacturer database along with associated details

Manufacturer Images

For easy identification of each manufacturer

Process involved in Squarespace to Magento Migration project

Taking Backup of existing E-commerce store

Once the initial contractual obligations related to migration has been done, we take backups of the existing Squarespace store database and other configurations. Includes backing up data related to product descriptions and images, SKUs, prices, orders and transaction histories, etc. for smooth migration.

Finalizing the design and User experience

Having an ideal UI and UX is essential from the SEO performance perspective, as it directly affects your brand and sales. For every Squarespace to Magento migration project, we perform a thorough analysis of our customer’s existing Squarespace store for any errors/issues, discuss it with them for possible solutions, and implement them during the project itself.

Pinpointing the Utilities to be installed/ Carried over

Magento hosts tons of extensions/apps which might be a game-changer in the way you operate your day to day business, and we help you choose the best apps from the store to match your workflow and business approach against what you were used-to in Squarespace.

SEO retention

As a part of the migration we ensure SEO juice is retained including URLs, meta tags, meta titles, page titles, etc. For that, we compile a list of all the URLs and then post-migration we check all those URLs are retained and check for any broken URLs and pages. We make sure all the relevant pages are accessible to the search engines.

Migration Testing

Nothing gets delivered to our customers without performing testing at user acceptance and integration levels. This step of Squarespace to Magento migration includes thorough testing of third party API and payment gateway integrations. Test orders are placed and end-to-end workflows are mocked for real-time testing.


After the development and testing activities cease, a final content validation is performed and voila! The final website is ready to go live over the internet.

Our Other Magento Development Services

Magento Development and Customization

Our team of Magento experts can assist you with custom development and customization to tailor your online store according to your specific requirements. From building custom modules and extensions to implementing unique features and functionalities, we ensure that your Magento store aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Theme Design and Development

We provide professional theme design and development services to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for your Magento store. Our team can either customize existing themes or develop custom themes from scratch, ensuring a unique and engaging design that reflects your brand identity.

Magento Extension Integration

Extend the functionality of your Magento store with third-party extensions and integrations. We can help you identify and integrate the right extensions that enhance your store's capabilities, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, marketing tools, CRM systems, and more.

Performance Optimization

Improve the performance and speed of your Magento store to provide a seamless browsing and shopping experience for your customers. Our experts conduct thorough performance audits, optimize code, implement caching techniques, and fine-tune configurations to ensure your store runs efficiently and delivers fast loading times.

Upgrade and Migration Services

If you are already using Magento but need to upgrade to a newer version or migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, our team can handle the entire process seamlessly. We ensure a smooth transition while preserving your data, customizations, and SEO efforts.

Magento Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services for your Magento store to address any issues, perform regular updates, security patches, and ensure the smooth operation of your e-commerce platform. Our team is available to provide technical assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

Success Story


“Thanks to Mageshield, the platform enabled the company to sell products efficiently. The team worked in sprints and held weekly meetings, ensuring accurate outcomes. Furthermore, their flexibility and speed were pivotal in the success of this collaboration”.

– Alexandre Salem
Ada International eCommerce Manager

ADA International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics. They manufacture and sell high-quality body care products for hotels and their discerning guests.

With their Old CMS, they were experiencing lag in real-time prices, orders, and availability as ERP integration had slowed down their website.

Our development team migrated their current CMS to Magento and integrated the ERP system (ABAS) that seamlessly syncs products, orders, & customers.



$ 1,899 Professional store with premium Magento theme
  • Complete store setup
  • Upto 100 Products migration
  • Installation of a Premium Magento theme
  • Home page with:
    – Carousel Slider
    – Featured Products/ Categories
    – Best Sellers
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images migration
  • SEO Retention
  • Domain Migration
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • 7 Day delivery


$ 3,499
Mid-sized stores - Professional store with premium customized theme
  • Complete store setup
  • All starter features with upto 1000 Products migration
  • Installation of a Premium Magento theme
  • Custom Home page design
  • Categories, Customers, Orders, Coupons, Reviews, Images and Blogs migration
  • SEO retention
  • Domain migration
  • 100% Ownership and Control
  • Multilingual upto 3 languages
  • 15 days delivery


Call Us
Large organisations - Advanced store setup with custom design
  • Have a complex store?
  • Let our consultants help you in planning your online store tailor-made for you with enterprise
    level features like :-
    a. Multi-Store setup
    b. External Integrations
    c. ERP
    d. CRM
    e. Accounting
    f. Marketplace (Amazon, etc)
    g. Multi-Vendor Marketplace

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Please message us so we can discuss your store in detail.

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