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Maintenance & Support

We know that you love your website a lot and would like to do everything yourself in-house. However, even the most planned website needs continuous support and maintenance.This is required in order to:

Ensure it is up-to-

Website attract its target

Never experience website

MageShield ensures these objectives and further expands your website’s capabilities. Our strong technical competence and transparent procedures ensures a seamless working.

MageShield Offers:

Effective Maintenance and Update:

MageShield will maintain your Magento instance by providing regular software updates. Maintenance releases would be scheduled every Quarter that will include bug fixes + any updates of Magento.

Updates will include:

1. Baseline software installation and configuration.

2. General Trouble shooting and Bug fixing;

3. Magento Updates and Security Patches

4. Best Practices advice on security, performance, servers, operations, etc. (Note: This is included only as part of enterprise package)

Updates will not include:

1. Platform extensions including product extensions to: different hardware platforms, different windowing system platforms, different operating system platforms.

2. New functions such as: new functionality in the market data delivery infrastructure, new market data feeds, new applications, new presentation tools.

Proactive Support:

1. Experienced, Dedicated Team responsible for Health and Management of the application

2. Integrated Planning to Prevent Downtime

3. Recurring Consultation to Manage and Continuously Optimize System Performance

4. Deep Knowledge of Your Unique Environment

5. Coordinate with Hosting team to administer the servers

6. Identification of System failure if any.

7. Custom Implementation Process Designed to Your Business Needs

Issue Reaction Time

Our reaction time depends on the severity level of a Support Case. Issue complexity can be defined on 4 levels:

Support caseSeverityResolution time
An emergency situation in which the Covered Application is inoperable, produces incorrect results, or fails catastrophically. The main function stops working. For example: A bug which could stop users using from the main function of the site and/or 404 error, 500 error, Yellow Page, white pageSeverity 1 (Blocker or Critical)Best efforts to resolve within 24 hours
A detrimental situation in which performance (throughput or response) of the Covered Application degrades substantially under reasonable loads, such that there is a severe impact on use; the Covered Application is usable, but materially incomplete; one or more mainline functions or commands is inoperable; or the use is otherwise significantly impacted.Severity 2 (Major)Best efforts to resolve within 48 hours
Produces an inconvenient situation in which the Covered Application is usable, but does not provide a function in the most convenient or expeditious manner, but the user suffers little or no significant impact.Severity 3 (Normal/Low)All such bugs will be covered in quarterly maintenance release.

* Any new feature or change request will come under separate development contract.