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Magento Dynamics 365 Integration

Effortlessly synchronize products, inventory, customer data, shipping information, and much more using our Magento Dynamics 365 integration solution at Mageshield.

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Alok Gupta
WRI India

"It’s been a wonderful experience working. The key fact that appealed to me was the collaborative approach of the team. I would strongly recommend this company as one of the leading IT Company in the space."

Parijat Garg
Program Director, CFA Institute

"Their services are remarkable, extraordinary team of professionals who leave no stone unturned to make customers happy! They have redesigned CFA Society India website and helped us connect investment professionals globally."

Joe Willia
Remedy Liqour

"This company is one of the best in the business and they back this up with their quick and friendly support. The team is relentless to listen to our issues and come up with a solution. Have seen the team stretch beyong their knowledge to help us."

Streamline manual tasks through our integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Magento.

Enhance efficiency and effectiveness by uniting your Magento 2 store with Microsoft Dynamics 365 through a single comprehensive solution. Our Magento 2 Dynamics 365 Integration optimizes workflows by employing preconfigured integration pathways that seamlessly synchronize orders between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Magento. There’s no need for manual data entry or spreadsheet uploads into your ERP system.

Mageshield Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 integration with Magento Solution delivers fully automated data harmonization between Magento 2 and Dynamics ERP.

This empowers merchants to concentrate on fulfillment management and sales growth, alleviating concerns about maintaining synchronization between their D365 ERP and Magento accounts.

Through our Magento 2 Dynamics 365 integration, real-time synchronization encompasses everything: orders, inventory, customer details, product listings, and more. Bid farewell to laborious manual spreadsheet uploads!


Features of Dynamics AX & 365 Magento Integration

Full support for matrix items, multiple pricing tiers/levels, and multiple warehouses (within Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365)

Automated synchronization of orders, customer, and billing data

Synchronization of product details from AX and Dynamics 365 to Magento (including descriptions and pricing)

Efficient tracking of returned orders and cancellations

Automatic syncing of inventory levels and billing information

Compatible with both Magento 2.x CE and EE versions

Facilitation of trade agreements and special pricing for B2B retail and wholesale clientele

Comprehensive assistance for Recurring Orders, Order Cancellations, and Refunds

Customization options available for gift cards, promo codes, tier pricing, store credits, and more

Customization options available for gift cards, promo codes, tier pricing, store credits, and more

Dynamics 365 Magento integration capabilities

Automated Product Synchronization Across System

Our proficient developers employ agile methodologies to provide enterprise-grade app development solutions tailored to your business needs. Additionally, our specialists embrace industry-specific frameworks to create highly scalable, adaptable native iOS and Android mobile applications enriched with a robust array of features.

Streamline Inventory Management

Streamlining stock replenishment and inventory management has reached new levels of simplicity. Mageshield Dynamics AX and Magento Dynamics 365 Connector empowers real-time inventory updates from Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 to Magento, ensuring precision and immediacy in inventory oversight.

Real Time Fulfillment

Execute an order within Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365, and observe its instant reflection in Magento, complete with shipping and tracking details

Fully Customizable

Our integration of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 with Magento offers complete customization, enabling you to incorporate any necessary functionalities alongside its pre-existing feature set

Magento Dynamics 365 Pricing

“There is a single installation fee for the Magento connector, followed by a modest annual charge. With unlimited transactions, you won’t incur charges based on the number of transactions or orders.

Magento Dynamics 365 Integration Solution

Proven Platform

Boasting a remarkable success rate of 99%, we proudly stand as industry frontrunners in client order processing. Our track record includes processing transactions exceeding a billion dollars in value, and our history of Magento-Dynamics 365 synchronization is virtually unparalleled!

Customizable & Scalable

Our proficient developers utilize agile methodologies to deliver app development solutions at an enterprise level, customized to your specific business needs. Additionally, our experts adhere to industry-specific frameworks while designing scalable and flexible native iOS and Android mobile applications, enriched with an extensive set of features.

Affordable Pricing

A one-time installation fee and an annual nominal licensing cost. No monthly recurring expenses or supplementary charges for processed orders.

Software updates & Support

Utilizing Agile development, we integrate client feedback to maintain alignment with your business dynamics. We provide priority support to guarantee uninterrupted synchronization between your Magento and D365 ERP systems, ensuring consistent operation.

Success Story


“Thanks to Mageshield, the platform enabled the company to sell products efficiently. The team worked in sprints and held weekly meetings, ensuring accurate outcomes. Furthermore, their flexibility and speed were pivotal in the success of this collaboration”.

– Alexandre Salem
Ada International eCommerce Manager

ADA International is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hotel cosmetics. They manufacture and sell high-quality body care products for hotels and their discerning guests.

With their Old CMS, they were experiencing lag in real-time prices, orders, and availability as ERP integration had slowed down their website.

Our development team migrated their current CMS to Magento and integrated the ERP system (ABAS) that seamlessly syncs products, orders, & customers.

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Optimize time utilization and minimize manual efforts through our Magento 2 Dynamics Integration

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