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Magento 1.x Long-Term Support

Magento is dropping official support for Magento 1.x (link is external) through June, 2020!

Ultimately, you’re going to need to upgrade to Magento 2.3, but it probably won’t be fast or cheap! If need some time, you’ll need to make sure your current Magento 1.x website stays running while you develop your strategy to upgrade.

Long-term Support (LTS) until at least 1st June, 2020 2022!

Our offer includes:

  • Making security fixes (we have lots of security experience and a Magento Security Team member on our staff)
  • Fixing bugs that prevent users from performing critical use-cases
  • Performing basic one-off maintenance and support tasks on request
  • Remediation if your site has been hacked

And we’ll be happy to help you to come up with an upgrade strategy!

Find the right plan for your site and needs!


Low-cost option to prevent security issues and site outages!

$ 299
Per Month


If you depend on your site for revenue, have custom hosting, or regularly need to make maintenance and support requests!

$ 599
Per Month


For sites with important custom modules or themes.

$ 999
Per Month

All plans include:

  • Site audit and report for Magento best practices
  • 24 hour response time on any “basic, one-off maintenance task” or “critical maintenance task” request (depending what’s available in the plan).
  • You set the priority of your tasks (but we’ll only work on one task at a time)
  • Complimentary hosting on our Magento Optimized shared hosting platform
  • 30-day money back guaranty